NDS 800 Discs, non-woven web for Metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel
Filling compound
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Metal construction
Stainless steel processing industry

Non-woven web disc NDS 800 by Klingspor

The non-woven web disc NDS 800 by Klingspor is an abrasive disc designed for aggressive abrasive performance. The NDS 800 is used wherever a high removal rate is essential, especially on hard and tough materials such as metal and, in particular, stainless steel, but also on paint and varnish as well as on filler, plastic and wood. The special design of the non-woven web disc is marked by

  • a bond of synthetic resin,
  • the aluminium oxide grain and
  • a non-woven web scrim with the addition of a polyester backing.

Aggressive abrasive performance with the non-woven web disc NDS 800

The rugged design made up of synthetic resin, aluminium oxide and non-woven web in 3 hardnesses allows for swift smoothing of weld seams, an aggressive abrasive performance on metal, rust removal from metal parts and quick deburring and other types of rough sanding applications.

Other benefits of the non-woven web disc NDS 800

The non-woven web disc NDS 800 offers enhanced edge stability. This feature makes it possible to complete even the most challenging sanding jobs with utmost precision. This abrasive combines aggressive abrasive performance with a long service life thanks to its perfect blend of materials. What is more, the open fibre structure of the non-woven web disc NDS 800 prevents premature clogging by dust, debris and chips. This feature makes it a snap to remove and level light weld seams and spatter. The NDS 800 can therefore be used without hesitation for the final processing and finishing of surfaces.

Aluminium oxide as abrasive grain

The unique properties of aluminium oxide as an abrasive ensure consistently excellent results throughout the entire sanding process.