C 24 R Supra Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels for Stone, Concrete

Class Supra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Silicon carbide
Service life
Gardening and landscaping
Stonemason businesses

Kronenflex cutting-off wheel C 24 R Supra for stone, concrete and castings

The Kronenflex cutting-off wheel C 24 R Supra is the specialist when it comes to processing mineral-based materials. The quality designation Supra identifies this wheel as a high-quality product for special types of application. The wheel has primarily been designed for cutting

  • stone and concrete as well as
  • castings.

Their coarse SiC grain allows these cutting-off wheels to deliver high cutting performance and a long service life during these types of application. They are suitable for use on angle grinders capable of producing the necessary speeds.

What is the structure of the Kronenflex cutting-off wheels C 24 R Supra?

These cutting-off wheels are made up of multiple layers of a glass fibre cloth and a blend of SiC grain with synthetic resin and filler materials that serve as bonding agents. The grain is made synthetically to provide for consistently high quality. Silicon carbide crystallises into a hard, but not particularly tough grain. The resulting crystals have sharp edges and are brittle and fragile. These properties lead to continuous microwear during work with an angle grinder. This allows the cutting-off wheel to retain its aggressiveness for a long time during the processing of stone and concrete.

The right way to store Kronenflex cutting-off wheels

Preserving the qualities of the Kronenflex cutting-off wheels for an extended period requires that the wheels be stored properly. Excessive heat, moisture or exposure to direct sunlight are detrimental to the wheels, leaving them unable to reach their designated service life during work on stone and concrete or - at worst - rendering them unsafe for use. Ideal temperatures ranging between 18 and 22 °C and relative humidity levels between 45 and 65 %. Abrasive discs are best kept in their original packaging until they are used.