A 24 R Special Kronenflex® large cutting-off wheels for Steel

Class Special
Service life
Stainless steel

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel A 24 R Special – the right tool for petrol driven saws and cutters

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel A 42 R has been specially engineered for petrol driven saws / cutters delivering a cutting speed of 80 m/s. Thanks to its large diameter it delivers fast and dependable cutting performance on such materials as

  • steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • castings,

and solid materials. Its special mix of materials has been optimised for processing steel and lets the cutting-off wheel A 24 R Special stand out with high aggressiveness, long service life and exceptional hardness.

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel – quality product with premium equipment

Klingspor is known for using only the most innovative and cutting-edge abrasive materials for their abrasive products. A synthetically made grain offers a host of advantages over the natural material that used to be commonplace in the past. Synthetic manufacturing is the only way for Klingspor to guarantee the high aggressiveness and long service life of their products. Another major advantage of synthetic grain is its capacity to attain results of consistent excellence throughout the entire useful life of the product. The cutting-off wheel A 24 R Special is a model that is classified in the highest quality category. It represents a high-performance product that is ideally suited for special applications. Its premium grain is embedded in a coating that is made up of resins and filler materials. Its composition ensures reliable grit adhesion throughout the lifetime of the product. To provide for maximum performance on steel, the grain and resin material of the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel A 24 R Special have been blended to perfection.

Excellent safety at work with the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel

Safety at work is of crucial importance when processing steel with cutting-off wheels. This is why Klingspor subjects their cutting-off wheels to rigorous testing in accordance with oSa guidelines. They are also guaranteed to conform to European safety standard EN 12413. An additional requirement for use on petrol driven saws / cutters is to construct the cutting-off wheels with a stable core. The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel A 24 R Special is equipped with a rugged glass fibre cloth capable of standing up to the potentially strong lateral forces generated by handheld cutters. Another aspect essential to safety at work is the way the cutting-off wheels are stored. Only cutting-off wheels that are kept in dry environments guarantee maximum safety during use. Also paramount is to observe the expiration date of the cutting-off wheels. It is indicated on the metal ring found in the centre of the wheel.

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Diameter/mm Thickness/mm Bore/mm Form Vmax m/s Max. RPM structural shape
5 100
Max. RPM
structural shape