DT 902 A Special Large diamond cutting blades for Asphalt, Sandstone, Green concrete, Screed

Suitable for wet and dry use No undercutting effect Wider protective segment Wider protective segment, detailed view 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life
Green concrete
Road building
Underground construction

Large diamond cutting blade DT 902 A Special – for the joint cutter

The large diamond cutting blade DT 902 A Special cuts joints into all standard floor coverings:

  • asphalt,
  • sandstone,
  • green concrete and
  • screed.

It offers compatibility with the most common joint cutters and realises its powerful potential especially during use on asphalt. Available in sizes of 300 mm to 500 mm, it comes with a mounting hole measuring 25.4 mm in diameter.

High feed rate: Protective segments, wide gullet

A large diamond cutting blade for professional use must be able to cut with great speed and endurance. This is why Klingspor has equipped the type DT 902 A Special with extra tall 12 mm protective segments that are arranged with a wide gullet. The protective segments reliably protect the core against relief-grinding and keeps the segments from being torn off. The wide gullet provides for a generous removal of grinding dust and allows for a maximum speed of 100 m/s. This also provides for a faster feed rate. The large diamond cutting blade DT 902 A Special is a member of Klingspor's premium performance class 900 Special. This signifies that it is suitable for professional use under extreme conditions. The large diamond cutting blade offers a high level of aggressiveness combined with first-rate service life. The large diamond cutting blade DT 902 A Special will always produce flawless cutting results - even under permanent load. It conforms to safety standard EN 13236. In addition, Klingspor guarantees compliance with the strict requirements of the oSa guidelines.

Top performance on asphalt in combination with the joint cutter

The diamonds Klingspor uses for their high-quality premium tools are sourced exclusively from trustworthy manufacturers. Rich in tradition and successful world-wide, the company can thus guarantee that the large diamond cutting blade DT 92 A Special will deliver performance of the highest order.
Klingspor also carries other large diamond cutting blades as alternative options: The large cutting blade DT 602 A Supra is equally well suited for use on a joint cutter and petrol saws and is available with holes that are 25.4 mm and 20 mm in diameter. The large cutting blade DT 612 A Supra can also be paired with a joint cutter and a petrol saw and comes with a 25.4 mm hole. Smooth cutting performance is guaranteed with the large cutting blade DT 910 A Special. It is designed only for use with a joint cutter and can be ordered with a 25.4 mm hole.