DT 900 UD Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Cured concrete, reinforced, Concrete, Construction materials, Chalky sandstone

Suitable for wet and dry use Noise-reduced Turbo segment Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Turbo
Design Laser welded
Service life
Cured concrete, reinforced
Construction materials
Chalky sandstone
Hard stone
Building construction
Building yards
Construction businesses
Drywall installations
Electricians, Electrical installation
Gardening and landscaping
Heating, plumbing

Diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special: Concrete, construction materials and natural stone

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special shifts the performance of the angle grinder into high gear. Operating at maximum performance without any loss in longevity, this premium product made by Klingspor works its way through

  • cured concrete (reinforced),
  • concrete,
  • hard stone (to an extent),
  • chalky sandstone and
  • all types of construction materials.

Precise, consistent and quiet: The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special allows for flexible use and is suited for a large number of different applications. It can be combined with all common angle grinders that come with a 22.23 mm mounting. The DZ 100 RR reduction ring keeps the blade securely in place on smaller mountings.

Detenso core for improved work conditions: Minimum vibrations – less noise

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special has been equipped with a Detenso core that will reduce vibrations. This core ensures that the blade will transfer a significantly reduced amount of vibrations from the angle grinder to the user, making work much more comfortable. At the same time, the Detenso core lowers the noise level with great efficiency. Users perceive cutting with low vibrations and reduced noise as pleasant and less strenuous. This protects the users’ health and improves their stamina during hours of work with the angle grinder. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special proves to be an indefatigable performer - despite its vibration damping: As a member of Klingspor's high-performance product line 900, it demonstrates performance at the highest possible level. Better yet, this cutting blade also boasts outstanding aggressiveness and a long service life. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special delivers impeccable results even under the harshest conditions and continuous use. What is more, the product’s reliably meets the strict requirements set out in the oSa guidelines and safety standard EN 13236.

Ultimate performance thanks to a turbo rim: Smooth operation and effective cutting

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special boasts Klingspor's tried-and-tested turbo segments – allowing it to achieve fast cutting speeds of up to 80 m/s. The turbo rim provides for fast and, in consequence, economical cutting. To ensure a first-rate service life, Klingspor furnishes the cutting segments with titanium-coated diamonds. This choice of material extends the lifetime of the sharp-edged crystals even further. The diamonds are firmly embedded in the blade by means of a special procedure, keeping them from breaking out prematurely. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 UD Special is guaranteed to produce professional results until it wears out completely.