DT 600 GU Supra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Granite, Terrazzo

Suitable for wet and dry use Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Gardening and landscaping
Natural stone businesses

Diamond cutting blade DT 600 GU Supra

This diamond cutting blade is a specialist when it comes to processing hard types of stone such as

  • granite, terrazzo and
  • other construction materials

commonly used in gardening and landscaping or in stone cutting companies. The add-on Special identifies this cutting blade as a professional tool that offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Users need to take into account that this blade has been designed for work with an angle grinder.

Other characteristics of the diamond cutting blade DT 600 GU Supra

The standard gullet allows for a rapid feed rate combined with excellent cutting properties. These qualities allow this diamond cutting blade to produce clean edge on all types of granite. It possesses a high stock removal rate thanks to its tremendous aggressiveness. At the same time, it delivers a long service life. Producing their cutting blades in house, Klingspor is in a position to guarantee consistently high quality for each specific application. The quality and safety of the diamond cutting blades is monitored constantly in compliance with oSa guidelines. This type of quality control also ensures that the cutting blade conforms to European safety standard EN 13236.

Important safety instructions on diamond cutting blades

Printed on all diamond cutting blades are notices informing the user on what to observe while working on granite, terrazzo or other types of materials. Compliance with these instructions will ensure not only clean work results at a high stock removal rate but also the personal safety of the user. The colour code lets the user verify quickly if the blade is suitable for the material they want to process. An arrow printed on the front of the blade indicates the correct cutting direction. The information printed on the coloured bar of the label on the left and the right of the hole specifies the maximum operating speed and the maximum rotational speed. Aside from the label, safety pictograms indicate which personal protective equipment the user should wear during use. Klingspor recommends that the user allow the cutting blade to run idle for approx. 30 seconds after clamping it into the angle grinder. This is the best way to determine if the blade had been mounted correctly.