DT 600 G Supra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Granite, Terrazzo

Class Supra
Segmentation Short segments
Design Laser welded
Service life
Gardening and landscaping
Natural stone businesses

Diamond cutting blade DT 600 G Supra – professional tool for granite and terrazzo

Granite and terrazzo are materials that the diamond cutting blade DT 600 G Supra by Klingspor will cut with great precision and clean edges. It is the ideal tool for hard stone and tile coverings used in both interior and exterior areas. The diamond cutting blade convinces with its

  • high stock removal rate,
  • long service life,
  • clean cuts and
  • a great price-performance ratio.

The cutting blade DT 600 G Supra for angle grinders can be used for all types of granite and is an indispensable tool for tilers and pavers. Sure to deliver precise cuts, this cutting blade is also an excellent choice for do-it-yourselfers who wish to achieve straight and clean edges for a flawless joint pattern.

Professional tool for hard materials

The diamond cutting blade DT 600 G Supra for granite, terrazzo and other types of hard stone delivers high cutting performance as well as clean and precise cuts thanks to its short segments. The diamond tools included in Klingspor's 600 product line are ideal for users who prefer professional tools that combine a good price-performance ratio with high performance and dependability. Its supreme quality makes this blade suitable for daily use. This diamond cutting blade with its high stock removal rate is available in different sizes. If selecting the right product model and observing the recommended operating speed, users are almost guaranteed clean cutting as well as perfect results in the field of application they have chosen.

Safety and quality by Klingspor

The Klingspor name stands for abrasives and cutting tools that combine certified safety with supreme quality. The same holds true for the diamond cutting blade DT 600 G Supra. Just as all other products offered by the manufacturer, this blade complies with DIN EN 13236 and meets the strict safety requirements of the oSa. This conformity ensures safety in use for the user. Since manufactured in house, the core and the segments of the cutting blade are matched perfectly with one another and ensure excellent performance that includes a long service life and outstanding work results.

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Diameter/mm Bore/mm Vmax m/s Max. RPM Width of segments/mm height of segments/mm version of the rim
8 500
Max. RPM
Width of segments
height of segments
short serration
version of the rim