DT 300 F Extra Large diamond cutting blades for Tiles, Stove tiles

Suitable for wet and dry use
Class Extra
Segmentation Continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Stove tiles
Floor tilers
Gardening and landscaping

The Klingspor DT 300 F Extra – a large diamond cutting blade for cutting to size tiles and stove tiles

The large diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra can be used to quickly cut

  • tiles and
  • stove tiles

into the required format on a table saw. This standard tool uses its continuous rim to produce chip-free and clean edges. It is also distinguished by an excellent price-performance ratio. The product ships with a reduction ring included. This ring can be used to reduce the 30 millimetre hole to a diameter of 25.4 mm. This makes it possible to use the large diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra on table saws that come with different mountings. Just like all other diamond products made by Klingspor, this blade is approved for machinery with a maximum output of 20 kW.

The product line Extra – outstanding tools at affordable prices

The large diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra by Klingspor is categorised in the Extra performance class. This class comprises the products of the 300 line, which the company offers at particularly attractive prices. While delivering professional results, the products grouped in the Extra class are not designed for continuous use. This makes them the perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers and professionals who occasionally cut to size tiles, stove tiles and other materials. Better alternatives for day-to-day use are the cutting blades included in the Supra and the Special product lines.

Diamond tools by Klingspor – certified in line with the strict oSa guidelines

Klingspor attaches primary importance to the safety of their products. Aside from conforming to all applicable European safety standards, the company subjects their diamond tools to tests that meet the requirements established by the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasive Tools or, for short, oSa. The large diamond cutting blade DT 300 F Extra for tiles, stove tiles and other wall and floor coverings is no exception and is, therefore, certified to bear the oSA safety seal, which identifies products that are particularly safe and high quality.