DS 600 GM Supra Diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders for Granite, Hard stone

Suitable for dry use Turbo segment
Class Supra
Segmentation Turbo
Design Brazed
Service life
Hard stone
Gardening and landscaping
Natural stone businesses

First choice on granite and hard stone – diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GM Supra

Klingspor's product line 600 delivers powerful diamond tools that are designed for daily professional use. The diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GM Supra with a turbo rim is ideal for professionals who need to process granite or other hard stone with perfect precision. The product is available in three versions with different grades of hardness for

  • coarse (DS 600 GC),
  • medium (DS 600 GM) and
  • fine (DS 600 GF)

grinding. The cup grinding wheel DS 600 GM Turbo is available with different diameters. This variety allows the user to find the cup grinding wheel that fits their particular grinding situation best.

Diamond cup grinding wheel with turbo rim

Working with great effectiveness, the turbo rim of this diamond cup grinding wheel in Klingspor’s Supra line delivers exceptionally smooth operation, which makes it ideal for producing clean edges on granite and hard stone with an angle grinder. Matched perfectly with one another, the core and the segments of this diamond tool always deliver maximum performance for any application. The tool is aggressive and convinces with fast processing times while affording the user short set-up times and low set-up costs. These attributes allow the DS 600 GM Supra to score high marks with an exceptional price-performance ratio.

Tested in accordance with the oSa

The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives was co-founded by Klingspor. Its members commit to adhering to all European safety standards applicable to abrasive tools and to observing other relevant regulations. Tools need to be certified as compliant with these regulations to bear the oSa trademark, which has been awarded to the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 GM Supra and guarantees the user a high level of safety during use. The test criteria include a voluntary commitment by the dealer, independent product tests and regular process inspections and product monitoring.