DS 600 A Supra Diamond cup grinding wheels for angle grinders for Asphalt, Abrasive materials, Green concrete, Porous concrete, Sandstone

Suitable for dry use
Class Supra
Segmentation Standard
Design Brazed
Service life
Abrasive materials
Green concrete
Porous concrete
Electricians, Electrical installation

Diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 A Supra – excellent stock removal performance and service life

Its aggressive stock removal performance and long service life make the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 A Supra a great option for a vast variety of materials including

  • asphalt,
  • porous concrete,
  • fresh concrete,
  • sandstone

and many other abrasive materials. The high stock removal performance and service life contribute to short work times and produce smooth surfaces as the final result. Largely responsible for this outstanding quality are the segments of the diamond cup grinding wheel, which have been arranged in two rows. The cup grinding wheel has been developed for use on an angle grinder.

Bonding agent and diamonds in perfect harmony

The performance of a cup grinding wheel predominantly hinges on the type of abrasive material used. Diamond is the hardest abrasive grain and, thus, the one with the highest cutting performance. To preserve their outstanding characteristics, the diamond tools made by Klingspor are composed of synthetically manufactured diamonds. The bond is the other factor besides the abrasive grain that determines abrasive performance. For this reason, the diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 A Supra is furnished with a bonding agent that is perfectly matched with the type and shape of the diamonds, providing for high stock removal performance and service life.

Diamond cup grinding wheel DS 600 A Supra for excellent on-the-job safety

Occupational health and safety is given high priority during the execution of grinding and cutting work. Aside from proper use, safety is ensured by the dependability and stability of the abrasive tools. The cup grinding wheels made by Klingspor comply with European standard EN 13236. Moreover, they also meet the strict requirements of the oSa guidelines. Klingspor belongs to a group of manufacturers who voluntarily commit to satisfying the stringent quality standard established by the European Organisation for the Safety of Abrasive Tools. Another factor contributing to safety is the simple way by which dust is removed from the cup grinding wheel DS 600 A Supra through openings embedded in the steel enclosure. Customers can opt to buy the cup grinding wheel with an M14 adapter, which is sold under the product designation DZ 114.