CS 326 Y Abrasive cloth, KULEX for Stainless steel, Steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Al. oxide agglom.
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Pipeline construction
Stainless steel processing industry

CS 326 Y wide belts with cloth backing for a long service life on steel

The CS 326 Y wide belt is a long life abrasive belt that offers superior service life and is ideal of wet grinding thanks to its agglomerate abrasive grain. Incredibly robust, the abrasive belt CS 326 Y possesses an aluminium oxide agglomerate grain that has been affixed to a Y-polyester cloth with synthetic resin as a bonding agent. These attributes make this exceptionally stable abrasive belt an equally good choice for cylindrical and surface grinding on steel and stainless steel. It is available with various joint types:

  • Shape 1 (bevel-cut butt joint joined with an overlap)
  • Shape 2 (bevel-cut butt joint joined with an overlap – the grain points at the butt joint are ground down to provide for smooth belt operation)
  • Shape 3 G (butt joint cut with a zigzag edge and supported with a fabric-reinforced film bonded underneath – allowing for completely impact-free work)
  • Shape 4 G (bevel-cut butt joint supported with a fabric-reinforced film bonded underneath)

Backing, grain and bonding: designed for the toughest applications

The processed workpiece is given an extra uniform finish thanks to the grain made of aluminium oxide agglomerate. Notwithstanding, the abrasive belt CS 326 Y can also be used with a high contact pressure. The product is exceptionally tear-resistant and equally well suited for work at high speeds thanks to the cloth made of Y-polyester and on the grit bonded by synthetic resin. When used for wet grinding, the CS 326 Y is sure to provide a semi-gloss finish. Formulated from a combination of aluminium oxide agglomerate, synthetic resin bond and Y-polyester cloth, the wide belt CS 326 Y has been designed specifically for tough metals. It is resistant to moisture and humidity.

Field of application: the metalworking industry

Abrasives with a long service life are common general purpose tools used in the stainless steel and metal-processing industry. Examples of industries routinely resorting to the wide belt CS 326 Y are the aerospace industry, apparatus and container manufacturing and stainless steel coils. The wide belt CS 326 Y is available in a wide selection of grits covering the entire range from coarse to fine. The available selection complies with industry standards with regard to both length and width. If requested, we can also supply customised dimensions.