HK 100 Hand block, self fastening

The hand sanding sensation – the HK 100 hand block by Klingspor

The hand block still remains the most effective and precise sanding tool there is. There are objects that cannot or should not be processed with a machine. The flexible HK 100 hand block by Klingspor is the perfect match for any hand sanding application, as it can be attached in a snap to the abrasive paper you want to use. If equipped with the right abrasive, this hand block is perfect for sanding

  • varnish,
  • filler,
  • paint,
  • flat as well as curved surfaces and
  • other types of surfaces.

All-purpose tool for a large number of surfaces

The hand block can be used to sand a wide variety of surfaces. This product makes short work of sanding the most varied objects - from metal to plastic to wood surfaces. Thanks to its ergonomic form, the HK 100 can be used for long periods without tiring. A tremendous benefit during intense and extensive sanding jobs.

Perfect for the car repair shop

Whether used by hobby motorists or professional body repair – the hand block delivers flawless results wherever you use it on your set of wheels. Hand sanding is equally ideal for thoroughly preparing paint jobs on bumpers or body work and for putting on the finishing touches afterwards. The HK 100 hand block also performs exceedingly well when used for repairing and patching up surfaces with a filler. What is more, it delivers the same excellent performance on flat and curved surfaces.

Great flexibility thanks to self-fastening strips

Another advantage of the HK 100 is the self-fastening side, which makes it a cinch to attach abrasive paper. Once worn out, the abrasive paper can easily be replaced thanks to the self-fastening support. This feature makes the hand block exceptionally flexible and allows for use over a long period of time. As an added plus, the product can be used with a wide variety of grits. Simply attach a fine grit size for fine sanding and opt for a coarse grit when you need to perform rough sanding applications!

Work without fatiguing thanks to an ergonomic design

The elastic and ergonomic shape of the hand block perfectly contours to the palm of your hand, allowing you to work without tiring and in a way that is easy on your joints and muscles. The product significantly reduces strain on your fingers and your palm when you need to achieve results of greater precision. A win-win situation for anyone who needs to sand – whether as a hobby or in their job.