SMT 688 Special Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel, Steel

Class Special
Grain Zirconia alumina
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Flat
Service life
Stainless steel
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Steel construction

SMT 688 Special - abrasive mop disc for steel and stainless steel

The SMT 688 Special abrasive mop disc demonstrates its true abilities when used for grinding the hard-to-access areas on the workpieces. It literally becomes the best possible “mechanical co-worker” in industry and metal fabrication. Its special design is focused on the processing of

  • stainless steel and
  • steel.

The corner grinder combines aggressiveness with a long service life in a tool that stands out with it cost effectivness. The excellent workmanship of the corner grinder is guaranteed both the professional user and the home user reliable results over the entire service life with optimum safety.

Highly specialised, yet flexible

Many ordinary flap discs reach the limits of their abilities when used for work in hard-to-access areas on steel and stainless steel. Luckily, the SMT 688 Special abrasive mop disc is anything but ordinary. It will process without a hitch even deep grooves and slots or steep corners. Its specially designed flaps come with a long overhang. This makes them particularly suitable for internal corners.

Special flaps for continuous use

Paramount to the processing of metal complex structures. The SMT 688 Special abrasive mop discs boasts flaps that are made from a special cloth. On it, the abrasive is evenly distributed This results in a constant removal rate, in addition a constant re-sharpening presenting fresh abrasive grain. The abrasive flaps are attached to a glass fibre backing plate. In addition to an extremely robust backing plate, this allows consant force to be applied during the grinding process when grinding steel.Aside from guaranteeing exceptional resilience, this backing plate is responsible for the lossless force transmission onto the workpiece, allowing the user to process steel surfaces with singular flexibility.

Maximum speed - perfect finish

The SMT 688 Special abrasive mop disc combines outstanding aggressiveness with long service life. The corner grinder has been designed to operate in combination with high powerd angle grinders (80 m/s). This abrasive mop disc is guaranteed to deliver consistent results until it reaches the end of its expansive lifetime.

Rugged and reliable during use

To provide for a strong bond between abrasive flap and backing plate, Klingspor relies on a special manufacturing process to make this abrasive mop disc. The product not only meets the requirements of safety standard EN 13743 and the provisions of the oSa guidelines, but it exceeds them.

Guaranteed to satisfy the highest standards

The SMT 688 Special abrasive mop disc is a member of Klingspor’s “Special” product line. Engineered for the needs of industrial users, the tools provide the highest possible quality for specialised applications that call for maximum performance during heavy-duty continuous use.