SMT 644 Supra Abrasive mop discs for Steel, Stainless steel

Class Supra
Grain Zirconia alumina
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Convex 12°, flat
Service life
Stainless steel
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Steel construction

SMT 644 Supra - abrasive mop disc for steel and stainless steel

The SMT 644 Supra included in Klingspor's product selection has been designed for challenging deburring tasks. Grouped in the Supra performance class, this abrasive is an excellent choice for work on such materials as

  • stainless steel and
  • steel.

The product sets itself part with its superior aggressiveness and extra long service life. This abrasive mop disc will reliably achieve its high removal rate even if used with less powerful angle grinders. Users unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection will therefore put their trust in this high-end product. Its top-notch performance is not only beneficial to professional users but also appreciated by do-it-yourselfers who welcome its flawless surface finishes.

Zirconia alumina ensures the best removal rates

Klingspor furnishes this flap disc with tried and tested zirconia alumina grain. This grain allows this product to deliver outstanding results when fitted on angle grinders - even at low tool pressures or low machine power. Made of glass fibre-reinforced, the backing plate proves to be particularly resilient during practical use. Klingspor makes this product available in a wide grit selection that is suitable for tasks ranging from coarse to fine. Engineered for a high number of revolutions, this abrasive mop disc comes in a comprehensive selection of diameters to match all common angle grinders. This ensures that every user will find the flap disc that fits their needs best.

Abrasive mop disc of the Supra series for demanding users

Klingspor makes their abrasive flap discs available in three product lines to accommodate different fields of application. A member of the Supra product line, the product presented here satisfies professional requirements and shines with unparalleled performance. The abrasive mop discs are manufactured to the highest standards and offer maximum safety during real-world use. The different models are set apart by their design. The flap disc SMT 644 Supra possesses a flat design that lets the user work with the entire available abrasive surface. This makes it ideal for both flat and surface grinding.