A multibond is an additional coating for coated abrasives, which is applied to the size coat of the abrasive in a separate step of production at the end of the production process. The multibond coating allows the abrasive to provide for cool grinding as the multibond coating will evaporate at an early stage, resulting in evaporation heat loss.

Multibond coatings are primarily used on high-quality abrasives used for stainless steel and high-alloy steels.

As the evaporation effect produces a significantly lower temperature, the processed material will stick to and "vitrify" the grain point to a much lesser extent. A multibond, therefore, allows for stock removal rates and service life levels that are greater than those in conventional abrasive and can be clearly measured. Multibond also prevents or significantly reduces the heat-induced discolouration (heat tint) of the tool, which is a typical occurrence during stainless steel grinding.

Klingspor offers a wide selection of coated abrasives designed for processing stainless steel that include a multibond that is optimised for the intended application.

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