Electrostatic coating

During the production of coated abrasives (e.g. abrasive rolls, abrasive belts, abrasive sheets, etc.) abrasive grains are spread across a backing and fixed in place by applying an adhesive and a size coat. The technique of electrostatic coating is applied especially on abrasives of high quality.

During this coating process the abrasive grains do not trickle down onto the backing, but are pulled up in the coating area of the production line by an electric voltage (50 kV), where they enter into the adhesive applied to the backing. Due to the distribution of their mass and their acceleration, the abrasive grains orient themselves automatically while travelling through the air so that they will hit the backing vertically with their thick end first and become fixed in place in the adhesive.
Since it ensures that the dull end of the abrasive grains is embedded in the adhesive while the sharp and pointed end faces the grinding side, this coating process yields a product that grinds with great aggressiveness and a high rate of stock removal from the very beginning.

Klingspor uses electrostatic coating for all coated abrasives with a grit size of P30 and finer.

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