Revolution in road construction

The Klingspor diamond cutting blade DT 350 AB excels when used on asphalt and concrete, making it a popular product in road construction.

In the latest product generation, Klingspor's product developers have also succeeded in increasing the service life by an impressive 50%.

The secret? A special ceramic grit in the sanding segment.

The developers rely on ceramic abrasive grain.

Thanks to its special physical properties, such as high hardness and good bonding, the special ceramic grain in the mixture ensures greater stability and less wear on abrasive materials such as asphalt. At the same time, it supports the cutting effect of the diamonds.

This makes the DT 350 AB the first diamond cutting disc to receive the popular CEVOLUTION seal of approval.

Large diamond cutting blade DT 350 AB

for asphalt and concrete

  • more stability and less wear
  • laser-welded block segments
  • turbo and slope protection segments
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